Digital Technology and Information Design in the Museum: Research Guidelines and Consideration

By Marco Mason.

Published by The International Journal of the Inclusive Museum

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In the last fifty years museum evolution and the increase of cultural consumption have led to the modification of the museum communication system, making works more comprehensible and enjoyable via the configuration of exhibition and digital technologies.
Exhibition design is answering the needs to configure exhibition environments through the «disciplines of exhibiting» - information design, interior design, interaction design, graphic design, light and sound design, etc. - which provide the exhibition designer with multiple design tools.
However, there is a lot to understand about technologies in museums.
In many cases way to apply electronic technologies are still technocratic and not in favour of communication and visitors understanding.
My research would include not only electronic characteristics but especially multimedia communication opportunities for improving the «dialogue» between the works and the visitor. I think that digital exhibits could provide visitors with further tools to understand and enjoy works displayed in the exhibition and not only (e.g. on the museum web site).
The research question is: how could digital exhibits contribute to communication strategies? This primary generates several sub-questions: How to design the graphic user interface (GUI)? How to design interaction between computer and visitor (HCI)? How to design the information (information design)? What the best teaching strategies? What is the differences between mechanical and digital exhibits communication?
The article would consider the ways to carry out research on a knowledgeable use of digital exhibits in the museum.

Keywords: Exhibition Design, Information Design, Digital Technology

International Journal of the Inclusive Museum, Volume 2, Issue 1, pp.135-142. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.122MB).

Marco Mason

Doctoral Candidate, University IUAV of Venice, Venice, Italy

Marco Mason received a Masters Degree in Architecture from the Iuav University of Venice in 2003. In the same year he started the collaboration with the same University in which he conducts activities of research and teaching in the field of digital media design. He taught Representation of Architecture (2006-07) and Animation and 3D Multimedia (2007) and is teaching Processing Information Systems. He is a doctoral candidate in Design Sciences at Iuav. His thesis focuses in the design of mobile-based visitor experience for museums.


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