Artists and Craftsmen, A Valuable Dialog: Practical Case of an Exhibition in the Museum of Metals

By Lucía Astudillo.

Published by The International Journal of the Inclusive Museum

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The central focus is the dialogue between artists and craftsmen. We proposed that this dialogue had to be extended to the specialists: archaeologists, historians, scientists and to the children of the workers in the mines, to the boys and girls of the schools and of centers that welcome students of depressed economic means. We also wanted the owners of galleries and merchants of art to visit the exhibition to enter into dialogues, but we did not obtain it.
With Heidi Bauer, a German photo artist, we visited the local metal craftsmen, and she took photographs for this project. Since she is convinced that the images affect us, and are incumbent to us, the photographs had an excellent impact since they constitute the faithful testimony of what we are seeing really exists, and are for this reason, part of the cultural memory and a good form to complement the exhibited objects. It was an exercise to stress the positive aspects and the need for dialogue between artists and craftsmen, also involving the children of poor classes.
We think that this exhibition was a good step to transform the way that we watch others: being as much the artists as the craftsmen, the children of high or low income, we are citizens of the town.

Keywords: Dialog, Collaboration Between Artist and Craftworker, Inclusive Education in the Museum, Challenge of Mixing Formal Education Children with Children of Informal Sites

International Journal of the Inclusive Museum, Volume 1, Issue 4, pp.15-18. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 519.640KB).

Dr. Lucía Astudillo

Director, Museo de los Metales, ICOM-Ecuador, Cuenca, Ecuador

DEGREES: Arts 1976 Pedagogy, 1986; Doctorate in History, University of Azuay, 2006. SCHOLARSHIPS: Museum Studies, Smithsonian Institution, OAS, Washington, D.C. 1981; Course, Museums and Education, British Council, London, 1982. POSITIONS: Director Museum of Popular Arts and Crafts, Cuenca, 1979-89; Regional Director, National Cultural Heritage Institute 1996-1997; Director, Museum of Metals, 1996-at present. HONORARY POSITIONS: Chairperson ICOM Ecuador, 1987-2007; Chairperson ICOM LAC, 1989-1995; President, I UNESCO NGOs Meeting: of Organizations of Latin America and the Caribbean, Quito 1992; ICOM Executive Council, 1998-2001. PUBLICATIONS: The Museums as a teaching device. Cuenca, 1986. Editor: Museums Education, and the natural, cultural and social heritage, CECA, Cuenca 1994. Articles in: UNESCO Museum International, CECA, MPD, ICOFOM LAM, Boletines del CIDAP. Book: Cien años de amor a la vida: María Astudillo Montesinos. Cuenca, 2007 (The cultural immaterial heritage of Cuenca narrated by aunt María). Book: Buen pago a los acreedores, 1886 year. (Researching the family archives: theater play of my grandfather). Print.


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