Towards a "Smart Heritage" as Future Diffused Museums: Design and Communication Technologies to Innovate the Experience of the Cultural Patrimony in Smart Cities

By Eleonora Lupo and Ece Özdil.

Published by The International Journal of the Inclusive Museum

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This paper deals with the concept of designing a smart heritage, an approach that goes beyond the idea of ubiquitous or diffused museum by mixing both. In the big picture of smartness and smart cities, the museums of the future are outside the traditional museum walls and spread around in the whole visitors' experience of a territory. The smart heritage can be intended as an intangible geography of cultural contents associated with tangible elements of a patrimony, that can be enabled, accessed, experienced, and shared by different technologies and communities of users in person or remotely. Design and communication play a crucial role in the innovation of this user experience, addressing issues like humanising and culturally connotating the interaction with the enabling technology, in order to get multi-layer experiences (from learning to entertainment, to cultural based services), inclusive and participative modalities of engagement and appropriation of the cultural knowledge and heritage. Starting from case studies analysis we’ll develop a theoretical model of smart heritage and design opportunities for future diffused museums, by mixing different types of technologies, modalities of interaction and users' experiences. We propose a soft approach, focused more on people's relational values than hard technology infrastructures and platforms.

Keywords: Visitors, Diffused Museum, Design, Smartness, Communication Technologies

The International Journal of the Inclusive Museum, Volume 6, Issue 1, pp.159-169. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.040MB).

Asst. Prof. Eleonora Lupo

Assistant Professor, Department INDACO (Industrial Design, Arts, Communication and Fashion), Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italy, Italy

Assistant professor at the Politecnico di Milano, Ph.D. in Industrial Design and Multimedia Communication at the Indaco Dept. of Politecnico di Milano in 2007. MA degree in 2001 in Industrial Design at the Design Faculty, Politecnico di Milano. Since 2008 Visiting Researcher and Lecturer at the School of Design Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Her research interests are focused on the innovative role of design as strategic and community centered approach in the enhancement and activation of tangible and intangible Cultural Heritage, in particular designing processes, strategies and design techniques for the cultural heritage awareness and appropriation by persons and sustainable development based on culture, territorial systems and intangible assets, and also for implementing sustainable local knowledge and creative and artistic activities. Along the years, has participated to many research programs, attended several International Conferences, and has been lecturing in different schools in EU (Artesis-Antwerp, Elisava-Barcelona) Brasil (UEMG, Belo Horzonte, Unisinos-Porto Alegre), China. Currently leading the following research projects: “Autentico Contemporaneo Milanese” funded by Politecnico di Milano (2011-2012), Mela-European Museum in an Age of Migration, funded by European Community (2010-2015) and involved in “Design for Cultural Heritage between History, Memory, Knowledge” funded by Italian University and Research Ministry (2010-2011). She is also - Member of the scientific board of the Design& Humanities Lab, funded by Indaco Dept. and Politecnico di Milano, IT. She teaches at the School of Design of Milano Politecnico.

Ece Özdil

Research Fellow, Department INDACO (Industrial Design, Arts, Communication and Fashion), Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italy, Italy

After her Double Masters degree at Politecnico di Milano and ASP (Alta Scuola Politecnica) is collaborating to some research in the field of design for cultural heritage. Her interests are about museums, cultural services and digital-interactive technologies.


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