Planning Cities and Museums in the Age of Globalization

By Deniz Ünsal.

Published by The International Journal of the Inclusive Museum

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A discussion on participation of diverse communities to museums in megapoles such as İstanbul needs to be contextualized within the framework of the city, forces that determine its urban culture, social relations, economy, politics, policies and management of its resources. As main actors of globalization, today, cities need to balance between forces of the international market, consequences of property speculations, prestige projects, regeneration of old urban quarters, mass tourism and demands of local communities, politics of participation and the urge to preserve the characteristics of the place. Change of forms of production and consumption in cities and their inclusion to global networks and markets require a revision of the cityscape, resulting in urban planning and redevelopment. Planning of the new city of the age of information and globalization urges us to rethink the distribution of its museums and their relation with the city and its inhabitants. How do museums function and make sense in these new urban environments, culturally and politically? If cities have become so competent to strategize between local and global networks, how can museums adapt to this relation? Can we think of alternatives to “the museum in the centre of the city”? Based on İstanbul which celebrates 2010 as the European Capital of Culture, this paper discusses the challenge in megapoles to facilitate and sustain participation of diverse groups in museums and the role of cultural planning in affirming the meaning of place in cities.

Keywords: Cultural Participation, City Planning, Urban Culture, Globalization, Citizenship, Museums, Cultural Policy

International Journal of the Inclusive Museum, Volume 3, Issue 2, pp.145-154. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 582.130KB).

Dr. Deniz Ünsal

Department Coordinator and Assistant Professor, Art Management Department, Istanbul Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey

Deniz Ünsal graduated from Middle East Technical University, Department of Political Science and Public Administration in 1994 and completed MAs in European Studies (1995) and Cultural and Social Anthropology (1996) at Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium. In 2004 she earned her PhD in Anthropology from Columbia University in New York. Ünsal worked in KIT Tropenmuseum in the Netherlands, Istanbul Modern in Turkey and joined Bilgi University in 2005. She edited books, coordinated exhibitions, organized symposia and designed curricula for short term trainings and academic programs at bachelor and master's levels on museum studies, art and cultural management. She has been involved as researcher in local cultural policy development projects. Her recent research areas include museums and cultural policies, citizenship, cultural participation, urban culture.


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