‘The Hub’. A Concept for a Modern Visitor Centre and Museum-Museum for Cappadocian Cultures

By Andus Emge.

Published by The International Journal of the Inclusive Museum

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‘The Hub’ is planned as a modern documentation and visitor centre as well as a new ‘museum-museum’ for the UNESCO World Heritage Site Göreme-Cappadocia in the centre of Turkey. It would be provided with modern IT and would be easily accessible from the main tourist sites. A wide range of information options and other facilities like a bistro cafe, a museum shop, an IMAX cinema and presentation areas in different rooms would help maximize the value of information offered to visitors within a limited time span.

While already existing museums in the area deal with past epochs, hardly any historical and ethnographic information is yet provided on the background and circumstances of these periods. ‘The Hub’ also would act as an academic institution, interlinking existing collections and research resources concerning Cappadocia, inter alia with respect to historical remains, relevant open air sites, archaeological excavations, etc. in a modern and well-presented way. This would also include the intense use of modern IT and WIFI access would enable visitors to the centre to gain more information with their own modern smart phones and handheld devices. Information would be provided in different languages and via public displays and broadband inter/intranet links.

‘The Hub’ would also act as an ‘inclusive’ museum itself, providing well-presented objects displayed in a modern and communicative way with direct involvement of local stakeholders. Exhibitions would highlight examples of the natural geology and geography of Cappadocia, provide insight into the ethnography, and material and intangible culture of the region taking into account the various levels of complex history that are to be found in Cappadocia including the long history of peaceful coexistence of Christian and Muslim religions existing in historic Cappadocia.

Keywords: World Heritage Site, Cappadocia, Cultural Heritage, Heritage Management, Museum Management, Museum Concept, Inclusive Museum, Information & Documentation Centre Visitor Centre, Digital Technology, Digital Museum, IT, Tourism, Tourism Anthropology

International Journal of the Inclusive Museum, Volume 3, Issue 2, pp.155-170. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 833.191KB).

Dr. Andus Emge

Project Director, Cappadocia Academy for Art & Culture, Göreme, Göreme-Nevşehir, Turkey

Andus Emge’s work in Cappadocia began in 1983 with ethnographic fieldwork on changing traditional habitat and life in the troglodyte village of Göreme, famous for its cave dwellings. Emge presented his results in a Ph.D. dissertation at the University of Heidelberg in Germany, and was awarded a doctorate in 1989. He later lectured at Heidelberg University and served as a scientific assistant at the ethnographic ‘Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum’ in Cologne. In 1997, Emge returned to Göreme and purchased an old traditional cave-house which he restored in a traditional way. It now functions as a base for both the ‘Cappadocia Academy’ and as a the guesthouse ‘Fairy Chimney Inn’. An applied anthropologist, Emge is involved in World Heritage Site and preservation issues with a focus on material and intangible cultural museum projects. He initiated several small-scale local pilot projects through the ‘Cappadocia Academy’. Emge lectures part time in Istanbul at Koç-, Technical, and Yıldız Universities and in Ankara at Bilkent University. He is a member of the European Cultural Heritage organization ‘EUROPA NOSTRA’ and secretary at the ‘Old Göreme Restoration Fund’. Emge advocates alternative development strategies in Cappadocia and is exploring options on how best to operationalize them. With others, in 2000 he established ‘platform_c’, as an independent forum and network of experts designed to improve knowledge about Cappadocia and to implement pilot projects contributing to its sustainable development. ‘platform_c’ already presented a “manifesto” of ideas on sustainability to local authorities.


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